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          Linear rapid temperature change box
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          2018-05-03 12:18:11
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        • product description
        • Technical specifications:

          ※ Internal size: 500 × 750 × 400 (W × H × D) mm

          ※ External dimensions: 1000×1810×1400 (W×H×D)mm

          ※ Volume: 150L

          ※ Rapid temperature change range: -50 °C ~ 100 °C

          ※ Temperature range: -70°C~150°C

          ※ Temperature fluctuation: ±1.0°C after stabilization

          ※ Temperature uniformity: ±2.0°C after stabilization

          ※ Heating rate: linear adjustable selection: 1 degree - 15 degrees, / minute adjustable

          ※ Cooling speed: linear adjustable selection: 1 degree - 15 degrees / minute adjustable

          ※ Multi-layer refrigeration system: 1. Compressor: 2 imported, the first-stage compressor is 10.2HP and the second-stage compressor is 12.2HP.

                         2. Refrigerant: Environmentally friendly refrigerant DuPont 404A, R23.

                         3. Condenser: Water-cooled condenser

                         4. Evaporator: Fin type multi-section automatic load capacity adjustment

                         5. Heat exchanger: Taiwan High Force

          6. Expansion system: capacity control refrigeration system

          7. Other accessories: Imported desiccant, oil separator, high and low pressure repair valve, protection switch, evaporation pressure regulating valve, liquid storage tank, anti-vibration tube and other frozen accessories.

          ※ Temperature adjustment: balance temperature adjustment and humidity control, control SSR in P.I.D. mode, so that the heating and humidification amount of the system is equal to the amount of heat loss, so it can be used stably for a long time.

          ※ Internal material: SUS#304 stainless steel

          ※ External material: cold rolled steel paint

          ※ Insulation material: high density rigid Polyurethane foam insulation

          ※ Air circulation system: 1.375W speed motor, 1 unit.

                           2. Stainless steel extension shaft

          3. Multi-blade fan blades (SIRCCO FAN)

          4. Two-way adjustable louvers to ensure uniform temperature distribution in the test chamber

          ※ Box door: single door, single window, left open, handle on the right hand side

                           1 window 270x360x80mm4 vacuum layer

                           2 push-type explosion-proof handle

            ※ Sheet metal structure: humanized and practical structure, rounded or external design with advanced wear-resistant paint coating, elegant style, using push-type explosion-proof handle, convenient and practical, save space.

          ※ System structure: heating, cooling, cooling system is completely independent, can be used for high temperature, low temperature or constant different test conditions.

          ※ Temperature controller: Taiwan imported touch color screen controller. You can log in 150 groups of programs × 13450, the number of segments can be arbitrarily divided, and the programs can be freely connected to each other. Intelligent PID+SSR/SCR forward and reverse bidirectional synchronous output, including advanced slope control logic. Touch button type setting mode, easy to operate, built-in directory data management system. 5 full-featured system detection ensures that the machine is safe to operate. The fault can be displayed on the current screen.

          ※ Temperature measuring body: DIN specification A grade φ2.0mm×200mm SUS#304 stainless steel PT100Ω 1 stick

          ※ Heating system: stainless steel heat-dissipating heating tube and over-temperature protection

          ※ Main functions of circuit control system and controller

             High stability platinum gold temperature measuring body, LCD Chinese and English touch screen controller

          (Brand Taiwan Tai Tong, model: T-5166)

           System capacity: 15 groups of programs (PTN) X13450 (STEP) can be registered, and the number of segments required for each group of programs can be arbitrarily

          Cutting, groups of programs and freely linked to each other (LINK)

           Cycle setting: each group of running programs can execute 999 times of loops of repeated execution

           Operation mode: Three operation modes, such as fixed value/program/link, can be executed in accordance with various temperature and humidity test conditions.

           Control mode: adopt intelligent microcomputer PID+SSR/SCR to automatically forward and reverse two-way synchronous output, stable control accuracy

                        Precise, with advanced slope control logic to fully meet customer testing needs

           Operation lock: When the system is running, it can be locked by the function button of the start and stop to prevent other people from accidentally touching the system.

                        Inconvenience of shutting down

           Power failure reset: restart mode with power-off memory device and power-on time BREAK (interrupt) COLD (cold machine

          Move) HOT (heater start) is available

           Backlight selection: The closing time of the LCD backlight can be set according to the personal working hours, which is convenient for operation and operation.

                        Monitor and extend the life of the backlight

           External protection: adjustable over-temperature protection device independent of the main controller, which can set the upper temperature protection of the tested object.

                        Multi-protection function

          ※ Protection device: 1 over temperature protector

          2 zero-crossing gate fluid power controller

          3 Air-burning protection device

                 4 phase-to-phase reverse phase protection switch

          5 compressor high voltage protection switch

          6 compressor overheat protection switch

          7 compressor overcurrent protection switch

          8 no fuse switch

          9 ceramic fast fuse

          10 line fuses and fully sheathed terminals

          11 buzzer

          ※ Standard accessories: .1 power cord 16 mm2x5 core, low impedance rubber cable 3.5m long 1

                         2 stainless steel SUS #304 square round steel plate rack 4 pieces

          3 stainless steel adjustable spacing 40mm rack rail 4 sets

          4 13W energy-saving lighting window light 1

          5 One φ50mm test hole on the left side of the machine has one stainless steel hole cover.

          6 set of controller manual, set of operating instructions

          7 product certificate,

                   8 A copy of the product quality guarantee.

                   9 A national statutory correction report.

          ※ other requirements:

                   1 □ Recorder □ Online software □ Reverse osmosis pure water machine

                 2 load: total power □ heat

          ※ surroundings:

          1 allowable temperature range 0~35 °C

          2 performance guarantee range: 5~35 °C

          3 Relative humidity: no more than 85%

          4 atmospheres: 86 ~ 106Kpa

          5 no strong vibration around

          6 Direct sunlight or direct exposure to other heat sources

          ※ Power: three-phase five-wire 380V 50HZ 50A 30KW

          Rapid temperature change test chamber, rapid temperature change test chamber factory, Dongguan rapid temperature test chamber

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